Enable Peer-to-Peer Mentoring:

On-going support of established teams continue the growth and depth of STEM skills being developed and positively impacts and expands outreach to new teams. Linking new teams with established teams builds skills and generate enthusiasm for new programs while reinforcing experienced peers’ skills. Starting new robotics programs is easier when new teams can tap into the expertise of students, coaches, and mentors from more experienced teams.  Connecting new teams with teams that have a proven track record of success empowers new teams to believe they can meet and achieve their own goals through hard work and perseverance.

Robotic Doges

The Robotic Doges' 2017-18 robot has a proven record, earning the Doges a Winning Alliance or Finalist Alliance title at every Qualifier, State Championship, and Super Regional event attended this season. Its capabilities include a 3 glyph auto (sometimes more), consistent ciphering in 1+ cryo boxes, double relics in Zone 3, and balancing.

Robotic Doges Logo

FIRST TECH CHALLENGE TEAM 8645 ROBOTIC DOGES is the primary FIRST Tech Challenge team coached, mentored, and supported by LHER, Inc. FTC Team 8645 Robotic Doges has a proven track record of success which they build on to inspire area youth to maximize their potential. Out of more than 6,000 FIRST Tech Challenge teams worldwide, the Robotic Doges made it to the "final four" alliances at back to back 2018 and 2017 FIRST World Championships, won the FTC East Super-Regional Championship in 2016-17 and the Pennsylvania State Championship in 2015-16 and 2014-15. The Robotic Doges give back to our community by delivering presentations to local organizations, providing demos of community events, and offering training and support to regional FIRST Tech Challenge and FIRST Lego League teams through workshops and mentoring.

Learn more about the team’s activities and events, follow the Robotic Doges on social media.

How LHER Helps Launch Robotic Teams:

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Help with Experience

LHER, Inc. shares what their teams have learned to help FLL students transition to FTC.


Help with Funding

LHER, Inc. directs coaches in the FIRST grant process and share how their teams have obtained funding from other souces.

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Help with Parts

LHER, Inc. uses their established relationships with robotics vendors to help new teams make connections to obtain gift certificates or free parts from completing FTC registration.

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Help Navigate the Season

LHER, Inc. comes alongside new FTC teams to help them experience success. Their team's coaches and students can answer questions, share lessons learned, practice together, provide guidance and tips, and do everything possible to help new teams experience the same levels of success that their teams have had, and beyond.

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