Delivering Student Training:

Providing training workshops allows rookie students to tap into the expertise of students and coaches from more experienced teams while simultaneously reinforcing experienced student's STEM skills and leadership capabilities. Training builds confidence, teaches practical skills, generates enthusiasm for new programs, and strengthens the STEM network within the local community.

Offering Coach/Mentor Training:

Coaches and mentors are the linchpin to a successful hands-on STEM program. Coaches and mentors provide real-world context, guide learning, and encourage students to step outside their comfort zone and work together to solve problems. Identifying and training coach candidates can be challenging, especially in under-resourced communities where educators and parents are already overburdened. Providing training and resources gives current and potential coaches and mentors confidence that they can lead robotics programs and helps new teams encounter fewer barriers.

Robotic Doges

Providing training allows coaches, mentors, and coach/mentor candidates to gain skills, confidence, and learning tools which results in multiple impact points.

  • Training makes STEM more accessible to coach/mentor candidates who might have shied away from it previously.
  • Training increases the capacity for leadership as coaches and mentors develop skills and discover niches and roles.
  • Training reinvigorates the passion of coaches and mentors as they are empowered to provide students with new and expanded STEM opportunities.

How LHER Helps Launch Robotic Teams:

Experience icon

Help with Experience

LHER, Inc. shares what their teams have learned to help FLL students transition to FTC.


Help with Funding

LHER, Inc. directs coaches in the FIRST grant process and share how their teams have obtained funding from other souces.

Parts icon

Help with Parts

LHER, Inc. uses their established relationships with robotics vendors to help new teams make connections to obtain gift certificates or free parts from completing FTC registration.

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Help Navigate the Season

LHER, Inc. comes alongside new FTC teams to help them experience success. Their team's coaches and students can answer questions, share lessons learned, practice together, provide guidance and tips, and do everything possible to help new teams experience the same levels of success that their teams have had, and beyond.

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