Success in our modern economy demands a wide set of skills, including STEM knowledge, digital literacy, leadership, and strong problem-solving abilities. Field trip visits and hands-on learning opportunities can open pathways for young people by introducing them to emerging STEM-related careers. Providing exposure and engagement opportunities often sparks interest and can be a game-changer for students in rural communities who might otherwise not have access to the fast-growing STEM economy. Giving students a window on opportunities encourages them to develop workforce skills so they are better prepared to take on challenges and opportunities throughout their lives and careers and reach their full potential.

LHER Field Trip

Guided tours / field trips / professional engagements exposing students to emerging STEM career opportunities

Coordination of Student Internships and Job Shadowing

Scholarship Guidance

How LHER Helps Launch Robotic Teams:

Experience icon

Help with Experience

LHER, Inc. shares what their teams have learned to help FLL students transition to FTC.


Help with Funding

LHER, Inc. directs coaches in the FIRST grant process and share how their teams have obtained funding from other souces.

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Help with Parts

LHER, Inc. uses their established relationships with robotics vendors to help new teams make connections to obtain gift certificates or free parts from completing FTC registration.

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Help Navigate the Season

LHER, Inc. comes alongside new FTC teams to help them experience success. Their team's coaches and students can answer questions, share lessons learned, practice together, provide guidance and tips, and do everything possible to help new teams experience the same levels of success that their teams have had, and beyond.

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