Caleb McDowell

Caleb McDowell

Schreyer Honors College at Penn State University

“I am a Schreyer Honors College scholar at Penn State University and a FTC alumni. Being a part of LHER's robotics programs and FIRST did so much more for me as an individual than just boost my college applications.  Most importantly, they taught me the ability to communicate my ideas and values in a way that makes them stick out amongst all the equally deserving competition.”

Caleb McDowell

Caleb McDowell

Lockheed Martin STEM Scholarship recipient

“LHER's coaches and mentors are among some of the best people I have ever met. Their passion to educate and inspire youth in STEM fields in this underserved area directly contributed to why I was able to acquire a Lockheed Martin STEM Scholarship.”

PSU Schreyer
FIRST Scholarship Program
Locheed STEM Scholar

How LHER Helps Launch Robotic Teams:

Experience icon

Help with Experience

LHER, Inc. shares what their teams have learned to help FLL students transition to FTC.


Help with Funding

LHER, Inc. directs coaches in the FIRST grant process and share how their teams have obtained funding from other souces.

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Help with Parts

LHER, Inc. uses their established relationships with robotics vendors to help new teams make connections to obtain gift certificates or free parts from completing FTC registration.

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Help Navigate the Season

LHER, Inc. comes alongside new FTC teams to help them experience success. Their team's coaches and students can answer questions, share lessons learned, practice together, provide guidance and tips, and do everything possible to help new teams experience the same levels of success that their teams have had, and beyond.

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